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It's been well over a year...And I still haven't gotten around to submitting regular entries into this thing...

And at the same time...Life is just so boring..I really could find lots to talk about really...

Week 2 of S330...I have to read chapters 2 and 3 of The Ocean Basins" p. 26 (The Shape Of Ocean Basins) - to - p. 55 (The Evolution Of The Ocean Basins) - to - p.68.

Not too much really...40 odd pages...And it's not particularily difficult at the moment as the course has only just got started...mmm...Wait until Book 2 and all that marine physics!!!

Plus also any relevent CMA questions or TMA questions.

Managed to submit electronically TMA 00 the dummy TMA that is...Wonder if it got there...Bit of trouble over the format. All this .doc and .wpd and .txt and /wrl is a bit either new to me or a bit old hat...

Not quite sure which!!!   : D  : D  : D

Sorry to Lee on msn yesterday...You mentioned Hello.....And I was just about to switch off after the desktop taking +27mins to load up... (*I kid ye notte.......)  So...If you see this....There is a belated Hello to you!  :)

I also have only about 50 pages left of Guards! Guards! to read, which I'd like to get done today also...And progress onto 'Eric'.

I will have crept up to 8 Terry Pratchett Books in just over 12 months...Pretty piss poor really...Seeing as they are so easy to fly through.  But lately I've been noticing that as soon as I start to read something, my eyes start to get heavy...then...well...the rest is just history really  : D  : D  : D

But on a brighter note...On the last weigh in I had lost 5lbs...in both weight and we shan't even mention in financial terms...

(*needles to mention.....I got my student grant of £260 only on Saturday and by 48 hours was down to £9 and something obscure pence in the glorious Lloyds...)

How the fuck did I manage to spend it all so quickly and have hardly ANYTHING to goddamn show for it????????????????????

That is the question to most of lifes' mysteries I should expect....

P.S.   Hope I don't get done for plaguarism by the OU for the pic I downloaded to TMA00...from hell knows where on the 'tinternet

G'bye folks...Now I've been reminded of the password...I'll try to check in more often...

Jo x

P.P.S.  Oh yeah...and Valentines Day came and went.....With a card and 3 bottles of Rose Cava at £10 for 3 bottles in some scumbag supermarket...Oh yes!!! Scum knows how to be treated like a lady eh???  Was about good for paint stripping I reckon...Wouldn't mind but it wasn't exactly the class of wine he chucks down the back of his neck on a regular basis..nothing less than about £8 a bottle for him...So I gave it the respect it deserved...And have tried to give the stuff away!!!  Further to that..I find out all me mates got quite nice pressies and were treated like royalty for the day ( 1 FUCKING DAY OF THE YEAR...THE OTHER 364 LIKE THE TOKEN 2ND CLASS CITIZENS THE BASTARD TESTOSTERONE LED MASSES TEND TO TREAT US AS...)

So forsaking all the card and present giving....The thought dawned on me.......


: D  : D  : D  : D  : D  : D  : D  : D  : D  : D : D
Roll on death...........


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Feb. 17th, 2010 05:55 pm (UTC)
From Lee
Agreed Jo.
That was a tad piss poor of your fella. He does need a good Slap, kick, stab and maybe even 16 wheels over the back. Did he even buy you a dinner? I'm guessing not!

Well chin up lass, your doing marine science's you know just as well as i, 'Theres plenty of fish in the sea.'
Chat to you soon.
Mar. 6th, 2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
Re: From Lee
Well...Life is hard....No-one's getting it easy at the moment...So p'raps I shouldn't grumble so much. I did actually edit out the juiciest of the whinging...but on checking...All the F's and B's were still in...

I am, it would appear...A livejournal virgin .... still : D

No comments on that perleeeeeeeeeze! : D : D : D

Jan. 29th, 2011 03:06 am (UTC)
Re: From Lee
Are you still on here Lee??? I can't find where the friends section is... Or that I no longer have friends!!!

Jo x x
Feb. 22nd, 2010 07:10 am (UTC)
Valentines day sucks
I spent the day with a bottle of vodka, a present from ............. myself

Jan. 22nd, 2011 09:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Valentines day sucks
I don't know how you found this message way back then... I tried going back into LJ and to see who was in the friend list, and couldn't find it anywhere... So on the back reading of all the old whingy posts I'd done, if I saw a reply... This is the only way to find anyone who's made a comment...

Where the hell do you find your friends on this thing anyway?

It's futile even to mention whether last year was crap or not... When I think of you... No-one could've had a harder year...

If you ever manage to read this, if this message ever gets to wherever it's got to go... I really do hope that you are ok at the moment and that you are getting through the time (shockingly quoted as 'a life' ) ok... That you have enough support where you are, and if there are any major or minor changes you have to make to your life this year...

That it really happens for you...

With Love

Jo x x x

Mar. 6th, 2010 02:49 pm (UTC)
I reckon that was about the best way to spend it too!

I just seemed to have been unindated with people say things like ..."Ooooh Yessssss! Well....He got me this....And he got me that....And he did this for me.....and he made me feel so special.....he's soooooooooo wonderful.....blah, blah, blah...."

& I get a bit sick of hearing it.... Not because I begrudge them with all that...Just that WHY do I have to know how fucking wonderful their relationship is....I couldn't give a toss quite frankly! : D

Instinct screams that if anyone gotta give you every single little detail about how perfect their man/relationship is...over and over AT LENGTH.... I reckon in reality, they are probably exaggerating it and need to do so to elavate their own spirits or esteem at the expense of lowering yours.

Of course I could be wrong...

(deep down I'm probably just jelous as Hell!) : D : D : D

Well.....with that sort of perfection to detail and a womans' boasts that they have in history the ONLY perfect man/lover....Who the hell wouldn't be jelous??? : D

Bollocks to 'em I say....Oh yeah...And Walter Mitty!!!
Jan. 22nd, 2011 08:34 pm (UTC)
"WORK IN PROGRESS" .........
I have only just come back to this Live Journal after nearly a year...

Another wasted promise that I was going to add to it regularly...

Because, in retrospect... 2009 was busy and 2010 was even busier!

To compare though... This year promises to be the worst yet, with overwhelmingly too much to do, and either not the time, energy or money to contemplate any of it with the independent respect it deserves.

Last year... I spent too much time on specific people, too much time on ebay and not enough time on what was important or on the things I had to do for myself.

THIS year... I'm not endorsing Valentines or any other celebration for that matter...

As time goes on, I find I'm living on less and less...

Less money

Less friends

Less support

Less time

Less understanding or acceptance


I don't really know what to do about it or how to go about putting things right

"work In Progress"

That's the phrase of the moment... Aptly put

Jo x x x

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